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*​No Non-Member Fees                    *Equal Payout
​*Cash Only for Entry Fees              *Pre-Entries for Members Only
*Beginning 6/14 Night                       (Rules Apply..Read Rule Book)
  Time Jackpots


        President                                                       Vice President
        Shelley Millis                                                    Sandy Maresh
        409-457-1268                                                       979-559-7373

        Secretary                                                Treasurer
        Joanna Matejka                                                 Sandy Livingston 
​        409-766-0041                                                        713-899-0158

      Jackpot Secretary                                  Tractor Driver
      Cindy Gardner                                        Mike Rab
..Call before you Haul..

Need to Know:

Night Time Jackpot's Time Change(starting 6/14-Lomax):
Books Open at 2pm, Exhibition Barrels start at 2:30pm and Open Barrels not before 7:30pm.

New Facebook Page:
Gulf Coast Barrel Racing Association 2014

 New and Old Novice Horses:
 You MUST turn in a Novice Horse Declaration of how much that   
 horse  has earned to be eligible for the &650 Novice Barrels. Your  
 horse can not have won over $650. We have a form at the jackpots.
incorporated non-profit organization in 1983