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*​No Non-Member Fees                    *Equal Payout
​*Cash Only for Entry Fees              *Pre-Entries for Members Only
*Beginning 6/14 Night                       (Rules Apply..Read Rule Book)
  Time Jackpots


        President                                                       Vice President
        Shelley Millis                                                    Sandy Maresh
        409-457-1268                                                       979-559-7373

        Secretary                                                Treasurer
        Joanna Matejka                                                 Sandy Livingston 
​        409-766-0041                                                        713-899-0158

      Jackpot Secretary                                  Tractor Driver
      Cindy Gardner                                        Mike Rab
..Call before you Haul..

Need to Know:

9/19/14 Friday Night Lomax Awards Fundraiser:
Books Open at 5:30p, Exhibition Barrels at 6pm, Open at 8pm.

9/20 Lomax Pink Day Jackpot
Buckles, Silent Auction, Door Prizes and More.....Support Breast Cancer Awareness..

General Membership Meeting-Alvin Jackpot 9/27
*Members Only at Meeting:
Please submit any items for the agenda ahead of time. If you are interested
in running for an Office, please notify Shelley Millis prior to meeting. Sign up
for Directors is after the meeting. If you have any questions,contact Shelley.

Finals Entry:
Deadline for Entries is October 11th at our last Jackpot - Lomax...No 
late entries will be excepted..Must have all your work points & donations
handled to enter the Finals...Members Only.....There is Added Money....

10/4/14 Brazoria County Fair Barrel Race $5,000 Added
Books Open at9am, Exhibition Barrels at 9:30-11:30, Open 5D at 12pm.

New Facebook Page:
Gulf Coast Barrel Racing Association 2014

 New and Old Novice Horses:
 You MUST turn in a Novice Horse Declaration of how much that   
 horse  has earned to be eligible for the &650 Novice Barrels. Your  
 horse can not have won over $650. We have a form at the jackpots.
incorporated non-profit organization in 1983